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    Wednesday – SE01

    Wednesday – SE01

    Netflix’s Wednesday Is a Huge Hit. Sure, it’s a high school drama about teens with powers. Tim Burton–helmed Addams Family spinoff focused on the eponymous deadpan daughter, has captured the record for the most hours viewed in a week for an English-language series on the streamer. From Roto and Cleanup to Matchmove and Roto-Anim, our team of professionals has worked restlessly to deliver exceptional and satisfactory VFX services. It’s not to be missed!


    Thanks to team GelaroGrace –
    CEO/Head of Production Deepak Pal
    Executive Producer Vinod Sharma
    Production Manager Gourav Pal
    Junior VFX Producer Puneet Kumar Singh
    Creative Head Man Mohit Singh
    Prep Lead Deepak Negi
    Roto Supervisor durg vijay singh
    Roto Lead Biswajit Manna
    Matchmove Lead Sonu Chauhan & Bharat ashish


    Rotoscope | Cleanup | Matchmove | Roto-Anim