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    The Midnight Club

    The Midnight Club

    If you are among those who want to watch some scary stories, this one is for you! The Midnight Club follows a group of eight terminally ill patients at Brightcliffe Hospice, who begin to gather together at midnight to share scary stories. Inside a hospice for terminally ill teens, members of an exclusive club make a chilling pact: The first to die must send a sign from beyond the grave. Team GelaroGrace has literally worked wonders with rotoscoping services, yet another production of successful work by the team! A must-watch!

    Thanks to team GelaroGrace –
    CEO/Head of Production Deepak Pal
    Executive Producer Vinod Sharma
    Production Manager Gourav Pal
    Roto Supervisor Durg Vijay Singh
    Roto Lead Biswajit Manna