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    The Handmaid’s Tale: A must-see for more than just entertainment

    During the announcement of Emmy nominations, this came as a surprise for many that The Handmaid’s Tale was nominated 20 times for its second season which had 13 amazing episodes. This Hulu series received all the appreciation for casting, directing, wring and acting. The fascinating subject matter of the series may not be easy to digest for many, but in today’s time and age, it’s a must-watch show for reasons well beyond entertainment. Many people who have seen the show completely agree that the show is highly important, keeping in mind the current circumstances of the #metoo movement and the current political climate that reflect the show so well. While watching the show if at any point in time you feel that this or that plot of the show can’t happen in real life, the show reminds you how it has and how it could be in real life.

    Based on the 1985 dystopian novel

    This important show is based on the 1985 dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood, the show is set in the near future in the Republic of Gilead, it is a theocratic military dictatorship located within something that was previously known as the USA. The first season of the episode came with 13 Emmy nominations and eight wins and became a fan favorite.

    This show also scored the Emmy for Best Drama Series, needless to mention it was the very first time when a series won this award, the history was already made! There’s a long list of awards won by this series, including Emmys for Best Lead Actress (Elisabeth Moss), Cinematography, and Guest Actress (Alexis Bledel). Writing, Directing, Production Design, and more. Also, this amazing series was nominated for three Golden Globes, Best Drama Series as well as Moss for Best Lead Actress for her role. How would Atwood have thought about a world where women were stripped of almost everything, including their names and humanity, they used as products to meet the needs of Gilead.

    The same was described by the creator of the show in a phone interview. But, her excellent storytelling skills reached a new audience. While watching season 1, many people thought how could this be relevant? Why would someone take people’s children away? And, here we are, the same things are happening in reality. Yvonne Strahovski, has reflected Serena Waterford extremely well, and as a Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, she got her very first Emmy nomination, and she did an excellent job while speaking about the correlation between the current political environment and the series. It should be fully appreciated the way the show has showcased reality.

    Reactions by the viewers say it all, she highlights the scene when June finally gets to meet her daughter, and she gets forced to leave her again. It’s a great piece to see how the art showcases reality and everything that is happening on the border. It’s a great piece to see how the art showcases reality and everything that is happening on the border. The show nicely tells the reality and everything that is happening, especially, when Americans watch this show, it literally speaks to them.

    The political divination along with writing and artistry that has been shown, everything is astounding. At this specific time in the world, this can be something harrowing to watch. This statement was given Stephen Kunken who has played the role of Warren Putnam. As there are various disturbing parallels to reality in the second season, this has gone well beyond entertainment, it’s in fact a great motivator.

    Regardless of the tought subject line of the show, Kunken added that the show tells a story of hope. He moves back to a conversation that he had with Miller- He told me that at the core, that overrides the brutality of the show, it is all about how humans look for hope, love, and purpose, even in the most hostile environments. As there are various parallels to reality in the show, Kunken spoke about the making of first season. While flying to Canada, he figured out that there are countless voluntary lawyers who are trying to help people step into the country, this is the image of the plot of both shows as people as people flee Gilead and now. This was something very strage, he shows all the differences between how the children are currently detained in the US, and those in the Gilead. In general, children in Gilead are getting the treatment of royalty, and when you see the juxtaposed at the current time, this is so crazy. The character of Strahovski is an early fighter and instigator for Gilead that eventually comes to be.

    The descriptions are here…

    She was also asked to give a little description about Serena, and she was so quick to respond- She is a can of worms. She’s a complecated personality who is strugging to with an inner battle that’s going within herself.


    She is the one who always thinks that whatever she has done is right, and later realizes its not. Serena, one of the highly important characters of the show, and if you want to understand the world, you need to understand this chaacter. Strahovski says- I think she is unable to think clearly, and she is broken and lost. At the time of the end of the finale, Serena gives her baby Nichole to June, she wants both of them to escape Gilead. Let’s see how Strahovski has to say about the moment- Her baby is not at all safe in Gilead. In that last shot with June, she tells some really true words- she’s can’t fight for it anymore, neither she can pretend to fight. She knows that giving up her baby is purely instinctual, and this is actualy the truth. people used to think that Serena is highly calculated, but not really in that particular moment.

    Happy with how the season ended…


    Strahovski is truly happy with the way season has ended. The story is oh-so-beautiful and it showcases so perfectly the theme of motherhood and what it actually means to be a good mother.

    Serena needs to sacrifice, she needs to pay a huge price, she comes to know what being a mother actually means, if she wants to do the best thing for her child.

    She added in everything she said, she is so greatful to work with the amazing team of writers, she has been able to travel to the very depth of this vulnerable place, thanks to this special character, and this journey has been full of excitement.

                                             The story is amazing

    The Handmaid’s Tale has an amazing story and reflects the human resiliency so well. The current condition of humans is both beautiful as well as painful. When we talk about the second season, it doesn’t fall into the feel-good narrative timetable, or into typical tropes. For audience, this can be a hope for finding a resolution, and hoping for the fact that things could get better. But, as a writer, Bruce is well aware of the fact that correcting the things of is going to take a lot of time. This is going to ask for a lot of sacrifice, and a great deal of bravery. Check out this amazing series and decide on your own.