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    Arrow: The one that hits the bullseye!

    The shipwreck was absolutely violent, and this made the Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy missing. On a remote island in the Pacific, he was discovered alive and was presumed dead by people for 5 years. He was welcomed by his loved ones when he returns home to Starling City, his devoted mother, his sister, and his friend, all of them welcomed him nicely. But, the loved ones noticed that on the island, Oliver has been changed by his ordeal.

    Hiding the truth

    Oliver is desperately trying to hide the truth about the man he has become, he’s trying his best to make changes in his actions to become who he was. The most important thing he is looking for is his reconciliation with his girlfriend, her name is Laurel Lance. He creates the persona of Arrow as he meets his near and dear ones, With hopes to become a vigilante who is correcting things that have gone wrong for the family. bring the glory of Starling City back, and combat the ills of society.

    Flanked by his devoted bodyguard- John Diggle, Oliver plays the role of the careless and carefree philanderer that he used to be. On the other hand, he is trying to keep the secret of how his identity has changed under the cover of darkness. But his crusade has caught the attention of a shadowy organization, the one that is extremely ruthless, a lot more than what he can ever imagine.

    With hopes to become the Arrow, he has been denying himself his own life, leaving the Starling City with Felicity, creating a home in suburbia, where she is remotely working in Ray’s company as he has died in a mysterious way. With hopes to save Starling City, the city which is now renamed Star City, Laurel and Thea have come up to recruit Oliver, their newly tranquil lives have been turned upside down. The evil organization, H.I.V.E. has created all these troubles. He has to get back to the city and don the hood once again. So, will it be possible for him to fight for his goal as the Arrow? Will he be able to fight for the life he has retained with many difficulties?

    To complete his mission, Oliver is looking for some help from those who are joining him in his endeavors. It includes his bodyguard, John Diggle, Felicity Smoak who is a Queen Consolidated I.T. specialist, as well as Roy Harper, who is Thea’s boyfriend and a street kid who truly needs some guidance. To keep the identity secret, Oliver goes under cover of darkness. On the other hand,  Laurel’s father is trying his best to arrest vigilantes operating in the city.

    Let’s take you to the flashback

    Taking you back to the island, you can come to know that Oliver was not really alone all those five years. He was getting all the training by Slade Wilson to be the vigilante that he has become in the present. At the same time, he has also been dealing with paramilitary forces and Mad Scientists. Led by Tommy’s father, Malcolm who is operating as a masked vigilante, his name is the Dark Archer. In the present time, Oliver is fighting an extremely dangerous organization, a lot more dangerous than he thought. The show is now moving ahead and Oliver and his comrades are facing personal enemies as well as the ones that are a threat to the city that Oliver has always been looking to protect. Giving his mission a start, Oliver is a ruthless vigilante killing enemies, and he is not hesitating at all. But, this is something that is having a negative impact on the city and Oliver’s loved ones, and hence, he changes his heart. Do not forget to include Ra’s al Ghul, Damien Darhk, Prometheus, Emiko Adachi, and Ricardo Diaz in this list of those villains whom Oliver is expected to face throughout the series. Some new people are joining the Team Arrow, they are recruited by Oliver, and they are recruited with homes to make Oliver and his friends succeed as vigilantes. These new people in the team are Curtis Holt, Rene Ramirez, and Dinah Drake, who succeeds Laurel as the Black Canary.


    In this show, the comics have been followed in Broad Strokes, on one hand, it is keeping the viewers surprised while on the other hand, it is staying faithful to the source.

    Those who are quite not familiar with comics may miss some of the references to important characters in the DCU, and Mythology Gags, but the series is having all the fun by bringing  Red Herrings, and this is something that is keeping the audience enjoying while being on the edges of their seats.

    The actual goal of the series is to bring some of the finest characters in a group, maybe closer or further from their original comic character, but as the characters have been developed, they have turned into something really classical.

    The episodes juggling nicely

    You can find every single episode juggling nicely between two different plotlines, they are all set in very different time periods, this is following the example of the one that was set in ‘Lost’, and you can see a very nice utilization of two lines, no waiting format. From Oliver’s current vigilantism to all his present and past experiences in Lian Yu, the series constantly and perfectly jumps from one segment to the other, the ending of which has been showcased in a grayish color palette. When we talk about the flashback of the finale of the fifth season, this takes you back to the present day, and the sixth season starts exclusively right from where the previous season ended. The twists and turns are many, and this is what makes the entire series more and more interesting.

    The format continues for the last two seasons, the second storyline here is not really the flashback; you can call it the flash-forward. It takes you 20 years forward in the future, Oliver’s two children, Mia and William, along with Diggle’s adopted son, Connor are now joining the team, now you can welcome the new generation of the Arrow Team. Yeah, there have been some hesitations, but the series ended up being adored by the audience, thanks to its amazing cinematic presentation and a strong cast. It was announced by CW in March 2019 that there’s an upcoming season (Season 8) of the series and this one is also going to be the last episode. Though the contracted order was of 10 episodes to bring it to a close and it was also supposed to work as a beginning of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    It took 8 long years and 170 amazing episodes, and then came the final episode on  January 28, 2020, making The Arrow the very first live-action Arrow verse series that finally reached an end.  Once the final episode premiered, in a very short time, the reports showed that The CW is coming up with a female-centric spin-off and this is going to be focused on Mia Queen.

    What is it going to be?

    After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the spin-off will have something more exciting for fans as Mia will be taking her father’s moniker of Green Arrow, She can be found working with together with Dinah as well as Laurel, the Black Canaries, and she will be trying her best to prevent Star City from falling back in troubles.