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    Bill & Ted Face the Music: Crazy, Funny, and delighting, a must-watch!

    And, here comes a smile on the faces of viewers when they came to know about exciting cinematic news. Bill & Ted Face the Music is coming up with everything it needs to have. This long-awaited sequel has done the right justice with all its characters, and it gives no repetition of what people loved about it. It’s a story of two guys who are finding it difficult to locate their place in this world that is full of beliefs about the role that friendship plays in life, everything about honesty, and more importantly, music! Long back, when they are looking forward to passing their history class,

    Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) have now become parents of two daughters namely Thea (Samara Weaving) and Billie (Brigette Lundy-Paine). played here by Erinn Hayes and Jayma Mays, both the princesses are the ones to whom they are married, and the relationship is a bit rocky. They both don’t really do anything without each other. And, When both of them are advised to visit a relationship therapist, they think both of them need to be there at the same time. This is what becomes a key reason behind their messy relationship.

    What’s the real problem here?

    The actual problem here is, that Wyld Stallyns, their band is in process of writing the song that will bring the whole universe together. They have achieved name and fame, and their fame has already reached new heights that they have to reduce to playing open mics. Both of them are failing time and time again while trying to create that one specific, perfect tune. “Face the Music” is about your failure that you failed to live up to your destination, and it says that the younger version of yourself has failed who was all set to make a difference in this world.

    This results in the fact that Bill & Ted, both have reached the time given to do what they were supposed to do according to Rufus, George Carlin has been attributed here In a lovable way, the same has been recast in the form of Rufus’ daughter Kelly, the role has been played by Kristen Schaal.

                    After the therapy was completed

    Once the therapy is done, both Bill & Ted come across another reality by Kelly, and this is where they get the opportunity to meet a recognizable leader, Holland Taylor. He tells them to write a song that will bring the whole universe together. It has started to work, all the figures from the past have now been zapped into the current day, making the time fly, and this is not the only time-based movie coming this week. Bill & Ted, both of them are looking forward to stealing the song from themselves for which they have made their mind to visit the future. This is where a fun-filled sequence begins, and they are getting the opportunity to meet new versions of themselves.

    They find themselves very angry and alone, and they have realized the fact that they need to improve their home life or else they are going to lose their princesses.

    On the other hand, their daughters get B&T roles, and they can now meet important figures from history. With hopes to save the day and back their dads, they try to come up with their dream band, which includes  Louis Armstrong, Jimi Hendrix,  Mozart, and  Kid Cudi. Now, Bill & Ted see the death  (William Sadler), and they also come across a killer robot named Dennis Caleb McCoy.

    It’s more than just a movie, It’s fast and funny

    If you like something that is fast and funny, then “Bill & Ted Face the Music” is just for you. A lot better than Reeves, but the original lovable qualities of Keanu go a very long way, thanks to all his special lines.

    These moves have a lack of cynicism, (which of course is a refreshing thing), and it has an honest belief that creativity and friendship are the two things that will make us stay together. This looks like something that has been registered with the real lives of Winter and Reeves. These are highly creative actors who are full of passion, and this can be seen easily in their roles.

    Those troubles in the marriages have taken a little longer on the screen, and the best material in the film may feel a little chunky in terms of pace, but these are not among those things that actually last too long. At the point when the movie wants you to try not to like it- Bill, Ted, and their charming daughter, all of them are giving their final attempt to save the world. and it works as a perfect reminder of the fact that it will never be too late to face the music, all we need to do is face it together.

    Bill and Ted adventure ensures craziness

    So, if you are among those who are wondering that Bill and Ted Face the Music is loaded with weird elements, it is important to remember that if it’s not loaded with craziness, it’s not really Bill and Ted. This is where the screenwriters of the movie play a key role, Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, who have contributed in their previous Bill and Ted movies.

    Solomon and Matheson have been able to create a story that makes absolute sense. Regardless of the fact that there is a robot jumping in and out, there are various historical figures, and many times machines are jumping.

    What many viewers have liked about the movie is the variety of Bill and Ted versions taking place in the future. It also includes the time when the guys become con artists, who are pretending to live in Dave Grohl’s house, who is a rock star.

    What’s the most satisfying scene of the movie?

    It all starts in prison where Bill & Ted, both are covered by tattoos, they are loaded with muscles and they are very angry. It is a process to see the look on the faces of present-day friends. This is something that is very close to Ted becoming John Wick as we will ever see in the movie.

    The comic moments in the scene have been captured so well, kudos to director Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest). This might come as a surprise to many that these scenes were shot in 100-degree weather and the characters were wearing rubber muscles suit having the weight of 40 pounds.

    What will make the fans of Bill & Ted delighted are all those special moments, and pop culture cameos. After the credits roll to have a look at Bill and Ted rock out, even more, make sure not to miss that specific scene that comes in the end.

    The nostalgia is not the actual delight of the movie, it’s actually the positivity of Bill & Ted that adds charm to the movie from the beginning to the end.

    There are a few things we all can learn about assuming the best outcome instead of making the disaster our default. SO, enjoy every moment of the movie and you are sure to enjoy a quality time.