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    Lost in Space: the sci-fi family drama is a complete dose of entertainment

    It is a fact that good thing comes to those who wait.  And, the sci-fi family drama lost in space, is no exception. Following the Robinson family’s intergalactic adventures, the image of Lost in space by Netflix is full of adventures. Yes, it took a little while to come on screen, but it came out exceptionally well.

    The first season has surely been extremely solid.

    The story begins. It was assumed by the viewer that the reason why Robinson’s parents along with their three children left the earth. But, it turned out to be aliens. The family encountered a shape-shifting robot, it happened when the family was completely separated from other colonists, and crashed landing on a distant planet.  This brought the youngest family member into existence, Will.

    The storyline has only been exceptional, heartfelt, and exciting. The series caught the required pickup when some of the finest special effects came into existence in season 2. Yet again, the story moves around Robinson, and their efforts of connecting with other colonists, on the mother ship that is called The Resolute.

    When we talk about the end of the series, the family did exactly the same.  The Robinsons decided that the only way they could survive was to split up, call because the aliens destroyed the earth, attacking the ship.

    When we talk about the end of the series, the family did exactly the same.  The Robinson decided that the only way they can survive was to split up, call because the aliens destroyed the earth, attacking the ship. Judy, penny, and Will, their children were sent through a space rift, and they were sent to an unknown star system, only parents were left to fight with the robot Army.

    Season 3 begins it all starts with three of the children along with their robots who are leading a team of 94 young space colonists to a whole new mysterious planet. John and Maureen, are still struggling to figure out the right way to find their children, all while fending off the robots who are desperately wanting to kill them.

    Lost in space has been made such an enjoyable watch for each and every family, thanks to the opening episodes of the final season of the series. After successfully putting the characters in the minds of the audience, Three Little Birds have been able to effectively manage to mix moments of tender along with the action-packed and tensed pieces.

    Lost in space has been made something special, it has successfully kept the audience hooked all the way along, thanks to its moody and mysterious episodes. On the other hand, it is not so terrifying that children of a certain age will have any issues watching it. In the second season, this specific skill has surely been brought to perfection. And, this is what makes this series worth watching.

    What made Lost in Space so successful is the casting of those three children, they have been so their next level of excitement as well as fear acted as a perfect view for people of all ages.  Specifically, Russell has come out as one of the finest characters on screen. She has proficiently managed all the extra responsibilities that Judy has to do them justice. On the other hand, their journey of Judy in this season has also been exceptional, Russell has seamlessly incorporated it with additional emotional complexity.

    The parallel plots of Robinson children and their parents have been mixed well, writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless along with Showrunner Zack have done a remarkable job. One helps to enhance the value of others, and throughout the four seasons of the series, directors have been able to make sure that every episode has its own unique charm. The series is surely full of entertainment, from the swift plotting of the performances to its visuals, there is always something to cheer about.

    A few things to know about season 3

    In reality, it was published on the year 11th of July, 2020, and it was updated on the 22nd of January 2022, right after the release of the season on Netflix. You are missing out a great entertainment if you haven’t yet watched Lost in Space. Many writers believed that Lost in Space will not be able to make a great comeback, they thought it was too cheesy to survive, But Lost in Space changed everyone’s opinion. The series turned out to be a masterpiece, it was better science friction which was loaded with smartness, the quirky charm of the original series was well maintained in this one. Check out some interesting things to know about its season 3.

    After season 2 was released in the year 2019, the renewal of the season was known to nobody for quite a long time. On March 9, 2020, it was confirmed that season 3 was under construction!

    On December 1, 2021, the season premiered. And, back in 2020, it was promised that the season is going to come in the year 2021. Thanks to all the hard work by the team despite the covid-19 pandemic, they managed to keep the promise.

    With this show, the visual expectations were quite high, no less than a movie for which they got a breathing room, everything was supposed to be made happen there. The crashing alien ship was actually one of the main aspects of the work done by the team, the same has already been seen in various episodes. The artwork and conceptualization done by the team were worth appreciation. They did a great job by adding gold trims and hieroglyphs, guns, and ridges, which also enhanced the enhancing the idea of metallic slatted scales. The crashing was also remarkable, the damage caused after the crash showed some alien machinery, the bending and denting of the structure, everything was up to the mark. Near Vancouver, British Columbia, all the live-action photography was done, and the environment was enhanced using various 2D elements. You can count all the fire and smoke to all the 3D elements for burning vegetation and debris. Right to the surface of the lake, the whole new world of another planet was created with the help of alien trees.

    In the second episode, there was an exciting sequence where Robinson family was looking to outrun a storm, The “Black Diamond Hailstorm” that was falling from the sky. For people of all ages, Lost in Space is a worth-watching series with plenty of entertainment and some quality time to spend in front of the screen.

    The last episode

    So, this may come as a surprise to many that season 3 was the last season of the series, and there will be no new season. This has come straight from the producer of the show who has said that they have viewed this story as a trilogy from the very beginning, there was always supped to be a beginning, middle, and end.

    So, season 3 of Lost in Space has come to an end. All the loose threads of season 2 have been covered in this specific season. So, don’t miss this out and watch all the episodes for a complete dose of entertainment. Have a great time!