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    Locke and Key: A mysterious and adventurous journey

    One of the finest comic book series by Joe Hill, Locke & Key on Netflix includes a set of magical keys that empower their master. And, as it has some mysterious spell, young children below the age of 18 only can make use of and remember the magic of keys.

    Then comes the premise, Locke and Key follow the Locke family and they move into their ancestral “key house”, and this happens after Rendell Locke’s murder. The teenagers have a lot to hear, from the whispered keys to their voices that they follow, and unravel their magic while progressing. A demonic being is threatening them and stealing their magical keys! What’s next?

    The first season of Locke and Key establishes the prominence of the keys in 10 amazing episodes and viewers are sure to enjoy an unforgettable battle.

    Rendell Locke, who is a teacher in Seattle, he’s living with his beautiful wife, Nina, they have three children- Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode. Then comes a beautiful morning when Rendell’s student, Sam Lesser, a kid in trouble enters his house and shoots Rendell and Nina. Here, Rendell loses his life while Nina manages to survive the bullet.

    With this tragedy, the family in grief moves to Matheson and settles down in Locke’s ancestral mansion, Key House. A curious Bode explores the estate and finds a well-house, as soon as the family settles in. While going close to the well, he hears a voice calling herself Bode’s Echo. The Echo says to Bode that the Key House is loaded with magical keys, the keys that can take him anywhere in the world and also change the way he looks. Bode must listen to their whispering if he wants to find the keys.

    While Tyler and Kinsey are now indulging in their new school life, Bode starts his journey to find the keys. He finds Anywhere Key fixed in Kinsey’s bracelet, this was given to her by their late father. Astonished by the magic, Bode goes back to the well and tells Echo that he has found the key.

    For a sinister motive, Echo plays mind games with Bode and convinces him to make use of the Mirror Key, saying that it will help his family to see his father again. Bode can’t wait and uses the Mirror Key, his mother gets caught inside the mirror. He’s in panic and wants Echo to help him, the Echo asks for the Anywhere Key in exchange. Once Echo gets the Key, she leaves the good house.

    Bode is worried and he tells the truth about the magical keys to Tyler and Kinsey, who help him to save Nina. Now, when the Echo has disappeared, it leaves many questions unanswered. What was it? Where did these keys come from? Why did Echo steal the Anywhere Key? And, the list of questions goes on.

    Will these questions be answered in season 2?

    Back with another round, Locke & Key is definitely the most emotional set of episodes yet.

    Season 2 has a lot more excitement, it brings some new keys, there are some unseen faces, and surprising twists galore. Thanks to a surprising history that came to light, Matheson has changed for good and this is surely going to come to a head in season 3. As there is a lot to mull over in the series’ future, it is becoming impossible to get over the big showdown that has taken place in the season 2 finale.

    Who was the ultimate winner of the battle?

    How did things end for the final season? Take a look at this breakdown of the Locke & Key season 2 finale.

    With hopes to free her from the demon inside her, The Lockes, especially Tyler, are still reeling over Jackie’s death once they have made use of the Alpha Key. They are all set for a final battle against Dodge (aka Gabe).

    Here in the Matheson Academy, Eden confronts Mr. Bennett about everything that took place in the caves, she comes to know the fact that he doesn’t remember anything as the adults forget about magic and the keys. Still, she gets interested as he starts talking about Captain Frederick Gideon as well as all the bad things done by him in the past.

    What happened with Gabe?

    Here in their new house, Gabe informs the Matheson residents of his plan to kill Nina as this could be a way to get back at Kinsey. Suddenly, Kinsey comes out to speak to Gabe, and he says- the only reason he’s kept her alive is he’s in love with her.

    Gabe is distracted, Tyler, Duncan, and Scot come into the house and they are looking to get the Demon Key back.

    Surprisingly literally, everyone, Kinsey jumps off a cliff, After telling Gabe that she will never be a part of his team, until she makes use of Angel Key and they realize it was a distraction, this is a newly found key.

    So, where is Bode?

    Here at Keyhouse, Bode finds himself worried when he sees Dodge (who actually is Ellie) approaching. He goes outside, she is doing her best to convince him that she truly is Ellie she was turned into Dodge with the Identity Key. Bode asks her to take a key away from his hand as she needs to prove that she’s not a demon. As soon as she does it, they officially reunite!

    What about the real Dodge?

    As everyone is ready to leave, Kinsey wants to get rid of Dodge for good, she goes back inside. Dodge makes use of the Plant Key as soon as she sees Kinsey, this makes the entire house start collapsing. Dodge traps Kinsey, making use of the Chain Key, and Kinsey almost chokes to death until Tyler comes in and makes use of Alpha Key to get rid of Dodge.

    What happens after the big fight?

    Kinsey, Tyler, Duncan, and Scot notice “Dodge” back at home, but Bode informs everyone that it is actually Ellie and she will be in need of an Identity Key to get normal. Ellie reunites with Lucas, as soon as she gets her original body back.

    After a week, Eden goes back to Gabe’s old room as he wants to get the Echo Key. Tyler goes off on a solo road trip before his 18th birthday and tells Kinsey and Bode that he has no intention to make use of the Memory Key, this ultimately means that he is not going to remember anything about the keys and the magic. Scot is on his way back to England for a special film program, and Kinsey hosts a surprise goodbye party for him.

    During the process, Ellie is back with Rufus having an emotional reunion, Nina wants to gather herself and doesn’t want to continue her relationship anymore with Mr. Bennett. As Nina is upset, Bode shows her the power of the Head Key this key gives her access to memories of Rendon. Knowing that she is going to soon forget because as an adult, Bode shows her the Memory Key and wants to know if she wants to make use of it.

    What about the next season?

    It’s a big question! Viewers won’t need to wait for the next season for long, let’s see what happens next!