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    See: Acting taken to new level!

    Starring Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard in leading roles, an American science fiction drama television series produced for Apple TV+, See has set a new rating benchmark for the streamer. One of the scenes in this movie is sure to go viral and I would be so happy to bet everything that I have in my wallet. In this scene, Jason Momoa’s character holds a book for the very first time. As this show is set centuries after a virus deprived humanity of sight, he has no clue what he is holding in his hand. He says that it smells like “dead bark” and he holds this book like a toddler might hold a vegetable while expecting a cookie. Then comes Alfre Woodard’s character who wants him to hand over what he has got, and says its long-forgotten name: book.

    In terms of context, it’s extremely funny, and probably debilitating out of it. Moreover, this makes See, Apple’s post-apocalyptic drama, the one that can become anyone’s favorite.

    One can simply state something that happens in any episode, and people will swear that you are making it up. it doesn’t really mean that you should be watching it.

    Set in the ruins of our world, people in this movie have adjusted to a sightless life and it has taken centuries of practice. Makeshift curtains of beads make for boundaries both physical and audible, and there are fights that involve a lot of probing contact and grappling (as does sex) as well as there is a lot of finger-snapping. See has worked really well to showcase how it works and you’re sure to stay engaged.

    Baba Voss must take his family on the run after his adopted twins, Kofune and Haniwa, they’re born with sight. What’s the trouble here? The very idea of sight is heretical, it is much like witchcraft in colonial America, all the people in trouble are accused of having the ability to see as justification for burning them alive. There is an evil queen who comes to know about the twins, and as a religious zealot who worships the “darkness”, she wants them brought to her for evil queen reasons.

    Are you finding it interesting? Do you want to know what happened in these two seasons of See? Stay tuned!!

    Season 1

    Poor Queen Kane, her time as a prisoner of the City of Worms comes to an end as in comes her righthand man Tamacti Jun as well as estranged sister Maghra. And, frying pan into the fire: Queen Kane tells the fact that she was the one who flooded Kanzua and she has killed all of her followers.

    Handing rule over to her sister Maghra and faced with the choice of abdicating the throne or staying in chains, she makes a choice to  have her ally Cora convince Jerlamarel’s lost son Boots to murder the crap out of Tamacti Jun. Boots don’t have any problem with that! When last we left the Kane sisters, they can be found introducing the Witchfinder army together as co-rulers of the kingdom.

    After a season-long quest, elsewhere in the A-plot, Haniwa and Kofun finally get to see their father Jerlamarel, the man who has given them the gift sight. The twins are now permitted to enter Jerlamarel’s House of Enlightenment, which is a prison made compound for the purported prophet as well as for his increasing family of children. Thanks to a coal-powered generator, Jerlamarel’s house has electricity, and running water, and an expansive library where his children used to learn about the old world.

    Well, it’s not how it looks like! Now, you will come to see that a powerful neighboring tribe led by Baba Voss’ brother Edo places bounty on the children of Baba. Jerlamarel cuts a deal with the other side, giving them Haniwa while he keeps Kofun for himself. Kofun does his best trying to stop the transfer but is soundly defeated, almost killed. It proved to be very lucky for him, Baba Voss hung around the area! He saved Kofu, on the other hand, he managed to best Jerlamarel in combat and gouge out the amoral “prophet’s” eyes during the process.

    Now Baba Voss, Kofun, as well as their ally Paris are on a common mission and that is to get Haniwa back from the clutches of her uncle. She’s somewhere in the ruins of what was once a great city, and this is what we see on the last shot of season 1.

    What is going to happen in the next season?

    Of course, Dave Bautista will join the cast as Edo Voss, no spoiler here, he’s brother of Baba Voss and a warrior general. The Queen Kane will figure out a new castle to call their own, it all takes place when Queen Kane is trying to hide that she destroyed her previous castle to herself. She actually got injured and just left with another tribe! This is not something that is out of sight, out of mind thing, See. Tie up the loose ends!

    Season 2:

    Some people may get the feeling that See was one of 2019’s dark horse series; and the movie has got sufficient love. The show has successfully pulled itself out of the box of ‘sensory deprivation’ themes that can be seen in movies such as A Quiet Place and Bird Box, thanks to its bone-crunching, and blood-spattering action.

    Season one has left a lot of loose ends, some unanswered questions for more than a year, the credit goes to the pandemic.

    Acting taken to new heights

    Momoa’s navigation of Baba Voss, in all these completely new set of circumstances is riveting. To meet the threat Baba faces day in and day out as a bounty, the actor showcases a lot of depth to his acting.  Season one left Baba vulnerable to more threats but his loved ones are still there with him, and Momoa nurtures his protective side even more here, and watching it is a true delight.

    Many of us have seen cringe acting in Army Of The Dead, and people have been proven wrong by Dave Bautista. Bautista brings equal measures of obsessiveness as well as brute to Edo, and this has made him a true opponent of Baba, both physically and emotionally.

    His character aesthetic, gives a great reminder of Genghis Khan, and it also matches the no mercy nature of the Mongol leader. Even when they are not seen in a scene together, the chemistry shared by Momoa and Bautista is truly amazing, and it seems as though Baba and Edo needs to be recognized as remarkable sibling rivalries.

    Characters in the movie are truly exciting, See is made See with the help of the beautifully-crafted world of broken-down cities with blizzard-ridden tundras and eerie forests and steampunk overtones. If you are among those who are unaware of the series, you may assume this is a pre-historic era but in reality, it is a set epochs into the future. Season 2 has given a hint of the world we may experience to live in some day, season 2 dives deep into the story and satisfies the audience. This series truly deserves a lot more appreciation!!