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    GelaroGrace Studio | World's Leading VFX Outsourcing Partner

    9 amazing years of creating awesomeness!

    It all started with a passion…

    You must have heard it a gazillion times- You need to have a passion to reach where you want to reach. But, have you ever given a thought to what makes having passion in life so important? Why do successful people always say they’re passionate about what they do in life? Why there are endless quotes and saying that brag about having passion in life? Do you really need to have a passion to become successful in life?

    Well, if you are among those who are wondering the same, then a simple answer to all the above questions is a big YES.

    Yes, it all starts with passion, the way it did for us here at The GelaroGrace Studio, 9 years back.

    It is a mere fact that passion may not guarantee your success, but what it does is it can increase the chances of achieving what you want to achieve in life.

    Of course, we can share with you plenty of reasons and examples of what passion can do. It works wonders by fueling your motivation.

    We are all aware of the fact that lack of motivation is one of the most common reasons why many people and businesses fail, and this is where passion plays its role, it fuels motivation and opens up your mind.

    In the beginning, people feel highly motivated and as there are some new set goals. It’s no less than starting a new project and giving your best.

    With high expectations, when people don’t see quick results, motivation starts fading, this is exactly like how people go to the gym and quit in a short period of time when they don’t see any (or very little) results.

    Slowly, you may notice that you are starting to lose interest in the project/goal and this is where people fail to produce significant success from their hard work.

    Of course, all these are followed by various distractions and hustle-bustle of daily life. People start to put in the lesser effort, that desired drive is lost, so are the results.

    The end result, people give up.

    This is what we have understood, it is highly important to learn how to build sustainable motivation, and this will support your action.

    And, when you are passionate about something, you know the best ways to maintain your motivation.

    Entrepreneurship is a journey

    What made us who we are and makes us love what we do is passion! At GelaroGrace Studio, the journey of entrepreneurship wasn’t easy, it was a rollercoaster ride.

    We started from zero, no, not exactly, actually we started with a passion- a passion of reaping the best benefits that technology solutions have to offer, and delivering the best- simply, creating awesomeness!

    All these years, what we have realized is that entrepreneurship is a journey, it’s difficult in the beginning, messy in the mid, and awesome in the end, given that who keeps going.

    Overcoming the fear of failure

    We can’t deny the fact that the fear of failure had been a part of the game, but we kept on playing. Thinking, how doing what people think we can’t feel like, and it does feel so great. Knocking the doors of investors with our plans and ideas, showcasing them what we can do, we got neglected, of course, had been a heartbreaking moment, thanks to our own belief in ourselves, got things going for us in the right direction.

    Hard work pays off… sooner or later, but it surely does.

    Our talent started getting recognized…

    A team is driven by passion and doing the best, day in and day out started getting noticed by some of the most recognizable creators. Going with the flow, we as a team, kept doing what we’re best at thinking outside the box and delivering the best services possible. Some of the most renowned brands saw our passion reflected in our work, and it gave us the opportunity to work with some amazing brands.

    A proud moment for us…

    It gave us immense pleasure to announce that we have achieved Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.

    (MPAA)’s content security best practices within our facility services and this showcases standard controls that help to secure Member content.

    For content security based on ISO 27001:2013, we have implemented the best possible practices, and are now officially Assessed and Certified by Trusted Partner Network (TPN) for our content security program.

    Another proud moment in the year 2017…

    For us here at GelaroGrace Studio, achieving a major milestone of attaining the highest standard of Information and Data Security was no less than a dream come true. We have Achieved Certification to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 through the British Standards Institute (BSI), presenting us the Certificate 2nd April 2017.

    Certification affirms companies Noida, Delhi NCR Studios operations complying with internationally recognized standards for Information and Data security.

    Now, we’re living our dream life…

    With a relentless commitment to delivering the best, and meeting and exceeding client’s expectations, we have a whole new identity in the field of VFX, and we also have a workplace where we allow our creative juice to flow, we learn, we work, and we live every single moment.

    After all these years of hard work, we moved to a bigger and better office, a place where people are on their toes, creating uniqueness in every project, and sharing food, drinks, and beautiful memories. Our new office is where every corner sparks joy, the place that reflects our passion, history, and values. From comfy sofas and a dedicated meeting area, everything makes a great impression, and we love to have some cups of coffee here with our valuable clients.

    We have creatively utilized every single corner and every single element, from glasses and steel to wood and stones, we have made use of everything in a highly sophisticated way, and our walls are titivated with some amazing quotes that have become a part of our company philosophy. We believe in the fact that freedom is the key to making people work more creatively had hence, we have got our people covered with a dedicated play area, a cafeteria, and a lot of open space covered with greenery where our workforce can rejuvenate their minds and bodies.

    We have successfully created another home for our people, a place where they work happily, creatively, and as a highly motivated unit.

    From a team of 5 to 150+ today, we’re still counting!

    Starting with a team of 5 almost a decade back, we’re now a big family of 150+ members, we keep on adding new ones.

    We are delighted to announce that we’re completing 9 years of creating awesomeness, a special mention and thanks to all our valuable clients who have been a key part of this journey, making it quite remarkable and memorable for us. Without you, this was never possible. We thank you for believing in us and giving us all the opportunities to work with you, your support and guidance made us what we are today!

    The journey of creating awesomeness here at GelaroGrace Studio continues… and we’re highly motivated and ready to deliver the best and achieve more in the coming years.