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    The ‘Fear Street’ trilogy: A horror masterclass!!

    Only a handful of horror movies check all the boxes, and that’s what makes them horror and fantastic! Leigh Janiak and Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy is no exception, masterfully incorporating diversity and queer relationships, enough character development, and a big heart to make any audience stay engaged, not relying on jump scares; an original and interesting plot that works awesome, this is a great example of what happens when a movie gets armed with fantastic production quality.

    The story has been told in three amazing parts, inspired by R.L. Stine’s books of the same name, the Fear Street trilogy. It is following a group of teens in the 90s, and these teens are working to rid their town in trouble of an age-old curse from young witch Sarah Fier.

    Couldn’t be a tougher, wild ride, but finally, people have come to know the truth behind the Shadyside Killers in Netflix’s Fear Street. Here is an exciting trilogy, films that are going to take you from 1994, back to 1978, and finally 1666, giving the details on why possessed serial killers were brutally murdering the residents of Shadyside, OMG, it is exciting to know that it had some connection with Sarah Fier, a witch who cursed the town to centuries of misfortune. On the other hand, the town of Sunnyvale thrived.

    Now you will come to know if Sarah Fier was truly evil. Get ready to know why do Sunnyvale residents hate Shadyside. Check out the whole truth behind the curse. Let’s take a look at the story part by part.

    Part 1: 1994.

    It’s a perfect landing and it and it lands right in the mid of the horror genre, part 1, without any hesitation and confidently dives right into the jump scares and it all starts with a suspenseful tone. After a running start, the movie reaps all the possible advantages with its music and lays the groundwork for the mood of every single scene. As all these 3 parts are following one extended storyline in all the different time periods, nailing each aesthetic is important, part one offers the full effect of the 90s and all the needed excitement.

    When we talk about part 1, it goes against the grain from the very beginning by bringing a fearless and very strong female protagonist Deena, played by Kiana Madeira, her character is also a key part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Focusing on the plot and not overwhelming the film with gore, this amazing movie is a perfect intro for the movies that follow. The teen drama is sure to feel a lot more exciting throughout the film. Some parts also have amazing hints that lead to a scary scene.

    The casting has been done fantastically for part one, watching as the actors are appearing in all three films. Giving it a great start with brilliant characters as well as their high-quality acting sets the trilogy up for great success. All these characters have showcased great chemistry, the way they interact with each other, and its great entertainment.

    Part 2: 1978.

    Part 2 checks all the boxes by bringing together great character arcs, iconic 70s camp retreat horror, and you can also see some familial relationship issues. This part begins right where part 1 ends, here comes an interesting twist, this trilogy’s storyline has now decided to go backward. You will be delighted to know that part 2’s plot is a lot more interesting as compared to part 1- atypical for sequels to outdo their predecessor.

    What makes the second one more delightful than the first? The late 70s aesthetic! During the summer, it is all set in the haunted town of Shadyside, the story follows Ziggy Verman, who has been played by Sadie Sink, at camp and her horrific discoveries.

    After this, you will meet a recognizable face, Sadie Sink here is a remarkable acting performance, and plays a key role in making this film remarkable in the trilogy. Recognizing her from her role as Max in Stranger Things you’re sure to love to see her back in the same time frame, this new character is surely amazing!

    What makes for an interesting to watch in Part Two? It is Sink’s energetic spunk. “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways and other popular songs from the era make this movie more and more lively, a lot of fun to watch.

    Part 3, 1666.

    “Fear Street Part Three: 1666”


    Here you are going to see some completely different intentions as compared to the other two films in the trilogy.

    In this movie, the primary focus is on giving the story a conclusion and seeing everything come full circle. This plot brings some completely new information so it still has an eerily scary tone regardless of the audience already knowing what might come next.

    There are a handful of jump scares and more explanations as to why all this violent terror has plagued this town for 300 years.

    It brings emotions of frustration and understanding, the real horror is not blatantly obvious in this film. Although some people may not find it too scary.


    Most of the story in this part is a flashback, with Madeira playing Sarah Fier, a highly important character throughout the trilogy who was hung for witchcraft in 1666.

    When we will take a look through Fier’s perspective, the story is riveting and a few acts that can be seen on the screen are vicious. Madeira has done an amazing job of playing her character Deena, and you will also see Fier for most of part 3. This last part is a great full-circle ending to the trilogy of films, the ending is completely different from what people may expect.

    Released within just 3 weeks…

    This might come as a surprise to many that all these three films were released within just three weeks. It can be easily seen that there is a lot more consistency in the actor’s age and makes everything more and more interesting. This trilogy pulled off the story, though in general, movies don’t follow a story throughout the span of three days due to the age of actors and actresses. These movies have also been released at an odd point in summer, and all of them are great films.

    Summing it up

    The “Fear Street” trilogy has a chilling, epic storyline geared toward the teenage demographic, it surely gives all the fun and excitement to the audience. Of course, this one is not the type of trilogy that explores terrifying aspects like “The Conjuring” but this is surely going to be a lot of fun, especially if you watch it close to Halloween.

    Doubtlessly, if you are watching these films, you are sure to find yourself attached to one of its characters, it not all of them. Moreover, it is going to be tremendous fun, all these parts are truly amazing. Even if you want to get complete fun from these movies, it is of course a wise decision to block out a day, watch the whole trilogy straight through because it is going to be difficult to walk away if you have watched the first part, you will surely want to watch all of them all at once.