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    Creating some amazing set extension with VFX

    The advancements in the field of software and hardware technology have proven to be a blessing for the film industry. Thanks to the robust, reliable, and easy-to-use video editing software solutions that help filmmakers in many ways, enabling them to create the best shots. And, when we talk about best shots and adding value to each scene, the role of VFX is second to none, allowing us to create set extensions, and adding value to the narratives, and make everything more and more engaging for the viewers.

    Especially, when we talk about creating some environment in the scenes, set extensions play a pivotal role. Even if you have a simplest of a shot, set extensions can make them more and more engaging, and realistic. Make use of set extensions for any mundane shot and you’re sure to derive amazing results.

    Here, we’re going to look at some tips and tricks that will help you learn some creative and innovative ways to use set extensions and uplift your VFX game. So, pull up your socks and get ready to create some epic scenes.

    Creating amazing set extensions

    Check out these ways and make sure to implement them in your next project.

    When you have a flat landscape…

    Okay, so the sky is boring and you want to make it look beautiful. You can replace that shy and also add a giant cater next to your character, DaVinci Resolve and Fusion Studio can make it possible for you.

    It completely depends on the shot how complex this process is going to be. You may need to match the moving when your camera is moving and you may even need to build a completely new 3D scene. Also, you may need to take the help of a rotoscope when your character is moving in front of the set extension.

    You can find in a tutorial that the camera is kept on a tripod and there is sufficient space around the character. You can feel free to integrate some new elements, all in their best possible ways when you choose to go simple.

    This basic element here that you need to keep in mind is matching the black and white levels. After this, you can think about adjusting the sharpness, you can match your extension with some blur elements.

    And, there are some easy tricks too…

    This can come as a surprise to many that creating powerful VFX shots can be a lot easier and a hassle-free process, and it’s surely not going to take much of your precious time.

    Simply, when you have got a character walking on the field, this can be turned into an ominous post-apocalyptic landscape, that too in almost no time.

    What’s central to a simplified set extension workflow? It’s shooting on a tripod and without having the need for motion tracking in post-production. This is one of the easiest and most effective tips that can help you know how you can shoot from high angles while framing your subject below the horizon line.

    This gives your scene a pretty layer to build on without having the need to worry about rotoscoping, and making your character firmly grounded in a real scene.

    Extend your set with the help of custom asset

    So, you’re looking forward to enhancing your set extension. Well, this can be done by having too much footage and images on set, all from different angles. With this, you can give the same effect and feel to the environment throughout the shot.

    This technique will allow you to create hugely wide shots, convey the message that you are intended to. You can find the tutorials that will cover the ways to get a quick luma key when the angle is not as high as mentioned in the example above.

    Okay, and there can be some shots in which you would like to add some snowy effects, those hills look incomplete when they’re not covered in snow. These effects can be used in various creative ways, the choice is all yours.

    It’s time to further enhance your scene with the help of snow effects, you can easily find plenty of dynamic snow clips that you can easily use in your shots. And, this is sure to add a touch of charm to your shot, making it look professional.

    Hide those unwanted studio elements with the help of set extensions

    Catching audiences’ attention is a hard nut to crack, especially when you are producing a commercial and you don’t really have too much time to deliver your message.

    Not all set extensions really need to be landscape vistas, but in these cases, a set extension can work wonders.

    Sometimes, you really need to be creative with the way you use your camera angles, you can hide your camera crew, and also give your set some enhancement. You can find various marketing campaigns that have utilized this trick to create some stunning and captivating ads.

    How can you remove those unwanted elements?

    All you need is to make use of Content-aware Fill in After Effects and this will help to do some cleaning. On the other hand, you can easily extend your set with pre-existing production assets, and you’re sure to achieve a great look and feel.


    You can perfect framing to your scene, you can be composited to add depth, and to do this, you only need to have a shot of a building from your set.

    Remember the fact that the end results of your production are completely in your hand, set extensions can prove to be the best helping hand, and they can provide you with more creative control over the final results.

    Give thought to how much of the frame you need to show, and you can decide whether the set extension will solve the purpose or not.

    You might be making use of only 30% of the wide shot, and set extension can help you enhance the remaining 70%.

    Better to know it in depth

    When it comes to creating set extensions with VFX, the possibilities are endless and it is always advisable to know it in-depth so that you can polish your creative skills and create something wonderful. This is also the beauty of creating set extension with VFX, you can allow your mind to think deep, you can be as creative as you want, and create some shots that are stunning.

    Never hesitate to consult

    For those who are new to these software solutions and using the tools and set extensions, great learning is important and all you need is some expert guidance if you have recently started. So, never hesitate to consult experts who can help you in understanding the entire process and also help you in making your projects more and more successful.


    Also, if you want to polish your creation skills, there are plenty of online sources that can guide you, also, YouTube is a great source from where you can collect vital information and also learn some new tips and tricks. The more you explore, creative you become and that’s the whole story while creating set extensions.

    Hope you liked these tips and tricks and you will enjoy utilizing them in your next project!