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    Visual effects: Writing the success story of the film industry

    One of the best things about VFX and Over the past few years, the world of cinema has experienced some drastic changes. Today, filmmakers are more and more focused on creative aspects of the movies, today, science fiction and thrill have become an integral part of movies, and the same had no existence in the past, especially in Indian cinematography. Instead of editing shots altogether, what existed was only basic film structure, having absolutely no post-production. Here, what helps in building something that doesn’t exist is VFX. In fact, from the very first moving picture, visual effects become a crucial part, from covering up the mistakes to making the scene more and more enhanced, VFX works almost everywhere.

    Before we get into the role of VFX in movies, let’s take a look at what VFX is all about.


    What is VFX?

    In filmmaking and video production, the process is VFX is brought in place to create imagery outside the live-action shot. When CG elements and live-action footage are integrated, that’s regarded as VFX.

    VFX involves generated imagery, which can be digital or optics, animals, or some other creatures as well as live-action footage such as visual effects. Those huge and dangerous animals that you see in the movies are mostly expensive, time-consuming, or impossible to create, and this is where VFX comes into play.

    Role of VFX in movies…

    The use of VFX in movies is a fact, if you’re wondering about the technical aspects of a film, it’s no longer a general way to get things done. Filmmakers get into these aspects very nicely, as the use of VFX is sure to elevate the standards of any movie.

    When we talk about standards, Hollywood movies have shown the potential of VFX long back, especially in the 90s when movies such as King Kong and Anaconda came out.

    Today, content is regarded as king and there are some obvious reasons behind it. Content truly needs to be up to the mark when it comes to making the movie interesting and engaging and selling movie tickets. From enhancing shots to doing the post-production changes, VFX is the need. Sometimes, in the very basic scenes, VFX becomes important and there can be hundreds of simple scenes in which VFX can be utilized to do the necessary enhancements.

    Regardless of how advanced cameras become, the fact is that they can’t shoot anything and everything. Production companies have made use of VFX so creatively and smartly which proves that VFX is the future. When it comes to altering reality and making things work the way they are intended is not child’s play, that’s only possible with the help of VFX. A VFX artist has a unique role to play in every movie that is being created in today’s time, that’s a crucial stage of film creation.

    Now, if you want to take a look at how does it work and how it can make things look seriously different, you can take a look at some before-after shot and you will get a better idea of the role of VFX in movies.

    Did you know?

    Oscar Rejlander created the world’s first visual effect in the year 1857 in which he combines 32 negatives in a single image. Let’s talk about 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, and this can come as a surprise to many that 90% of the film was created using VFX and CGI. Without the use of these solutions, the film wouldn’t have existed or this would have been completely different.

    A big turning point…

    One of the biggest turning points came in the year 1977 when George Lucas created a small film called Star Wars. It showed the creation of a new special effects house, Industrial Light and Magic, which is one of the most recognizable visual effect studios today.

    The changes in technology can be seen through the Start Wars movies. Mad Max by George Miller is yet another example in which you can compare Mad Max from 1979 to Mad Max Fury Road that came in the year 2015. In this, visual effects are used very nicely and it has played a crucial role in enhancing the film. Even if you will watch this movie without sound, it will still be an incredible experience.

    Visual effects help in characterizing a movie and the same can be utilized in online casinos or other games. If there is a certain movie that you love, it will be incredible to play a game based on that theme as those special effects will make you remember some of the best scenes. You can find the use of visual effects in various online casinos and other online games.

    VFX help in covering mistakes…

    You must have seen the last season of Game of Thrones, it was extremely divisive and there are great moments that show how well VFX can cover mistakes. That famous Starbuck coffee cup was somehow left in the shot, it was missed on the first viewing and later it was removed digitally.

    The same has been used in the movies multiple times and from hiding the camera and crew members to removing mics and wires, and filmmakers find it a very cost-effective way as compared to going back and shooting the scene again.

    Another thing that proves helpful here is that everything is streaming digitally and those errors can be covered and the movies and shows can be uploaded again before someone catches those minor mistakes. Of course, this may not be possible every time, it can be a bigger distraction at some point, when not done correctly.

    Possibilities are endless…

    filmmakers truly enjoying the same, it has endless potential and one can truly enjoy the creativity and the ways this can be implemented in movies. With passing time and technology becoming advanced, it has also become a cheaper option to get things done the way they are supposed to. In fact, most of these amazing scenes in the moves can be created right from the comfort of home.

    Monsters, a 2010 sci-fi film by Gareth Edwards wouldn’t be the film what it is without visual effects as Edwards himself used some of the finest software solutions to create them, he was able to create 250 visual effect shots which took him 5 long months, and the entire process took place in his bedroom. Until he reached the first creature shot, he used to produce 2 shots a day. Those who have seen the movies will agree that what he has achieved is truly amazing.

    Quality matters

    Yes, the use of VFX is obvious, but there is one thing that can’t be compromised with, and that’s quality. Visual effects are lucrative and they are even utilized in local TC shows, the quality and transparency of the same is something that makes all the difference.

    The right visual effects can be identified when you will observe and realize its absence.

    Hence, there is no doubt that VFX has become an integral part of filmmaking and it will continue to be. Every single movie or web series needs VFX to add prime value and make it more engaging and enjoyable for the viewers.